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Indian Arts and Crafts


Size: s
Circumference: 55 cm


dimensions: 14 x 16 cm (fringe excluded)
materials: leather, glass beads, metal beads


War shirt Sioux style. 

This war shirt was produced in the classic Sioux style.

Made of elk buckskin, glass seed beads, pigments, horse hair, red cloth.
The beaded strips are 29.5 x 2,8 inches (75 x 7 cm) and 17,7 x 2,4 inches (45 x 6) cm on the sleeves

The size is about large.
From top to bottom (center)- (67 cm) 26.4 inches




Materials: buffalo rawhide, elk buckskin, pigments
diameter: 47 cm


materials: buffalo fur, baffalo rawhide, elk buckskin, owl feathers, red fabric
dimensions: 160 cm approx


Dimensions: 48 cm

materials: buffalo rawhide, elk buckskin, natural pigments, owl feathers


materials: natural feathers, deer skin (natural tanning), glass beads, cotton thread