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Indian Arts and Crafts

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frecce indiani d'america, frecce indiani d'america €35.00

materials: fox fur, red cloth, feathers, deerskin
Dimensions:120 cm

Mazza di legno - pianure, Mazza di legno - pianure €430.00

dimensions: bowl case 96 cm
arrow case 61 cm
price: 380 euro (the price does not include bow and arrows)

Buffalo quiver €195.00

Made from: elk hide. feathers, glass beads, ribbon 

Copricapo Pianure, Copricapo Pianure €350.00
Ventaglio €160.00
Mocassini Pawnee, Mocassini Pawnee, Mocassini Pawnee €450.00
Tamburo 30 cm diametro - nativi americani, Tamburo 30 cm diametro €90.00

Size: s
Circumference: 55 cm

Cilindro €250.00

dimensions: 27 cm + fringe
Materials: elk buckskin, rowhide, quill, feathers and glass beads

Fodero Lakota/Sioux + coltello, Fodero Lakota/Sioux + coltello €550.00

War shirt Sioux style. 

This war shirt was produced in the classic Sioux style.

Made of elk buckskin, glass seed beads, pigments, horse hair, red cloth.
The beaded strips are 29.5 x 2,8 inches (75 x 7 cm) and 17,7 x 2,4 inches (45 x 6) cm on the sleeves

The size is about large.
From top to bottom (center)- (67 cm) 26.4 inches



Casacca Lakota Sioux, Casacca Lakota Sioux €0.00