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What we do

Educational programs

The cultural association Mita Kuye Oyasin offers many educational programs, conferences and round tables for
all ages from children in kindergarten to university students and adults. The association explains the culture,
history, crafts and music in structured educational workshops. Also the association teaches techniques involving
how to build a tepee, learning how to make a dream catcher and its meaning. Finally we try to teach about other
native cultures that have been in existence for many years and we do this in a very in respectful and authentic

Exhibitions of traditional and contemporary crafts

Mostre di artigianato Nativo AmericanoNative American crafts has always been a form of expression of their identity. The art of creating objects was
intended for practical use in everyday life. The particular technique and the aesthetic beauty of the forms of their
craft changed over time from usage to a work of art


Festival of the traditions and culture of the Indians of North America

festival della cultura e delle tradizione degli Indiani del Nord AmericaEvery year, during the summer, our association for nearly 20 years has hosted here in Italy groups of Native
Americans from the United States and Canada. Through the performances of dances and songs, conferences,
workshops and meetings we have committed to spreading the Native American culture free from stereotypes and
free from any folkloristic deformation.


Conferences and Meetings

conferenze con Nativi AmericaniWe organize conferences and meetings with our association and with Native of North America.


Tipi Village

allestimenti mostre e vilaggiTepee installations and reproduction of an authentic village of the Great Plains Indians.


Northwest Coast art - Tsimshian

mostra degli nativi della costa nord-ovestThis exhibition presents the Art of Northwest Coast Indian Art.