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The Cultural Association Mitakuye Oyasin has provided hand made tepees in Italy since 1999. It was the first association in Italy to come in contact with the "Indian Trading Post" Project (2006, 2007, 2008) a place of cultural exchange. The project included  a field of more than 20 tepees and cultural historical displays and initiatives together with the Native Americans. This project was often copied by others but never respected the values and authenticity of the culture of the Native peoples. This project has always been carried out under the supervision of Native American traditionalists . These characteristics have made our project unique in Italy.



The teepees of the Mitakuye Oyasin association are made and sewn according to the Lakota / Sioux tradition.

For years our association is dedicated to the study of this lodge. We have published various articles and books on this subject. 



Assistance: correct assembly, repairs and painting. The price of the painting depends on the size of the tepee and the complexity of the design (starting from 150 euros).



tepee tipi teepee la casa tradizionale dgli indiani del nord america

Delivery is by express courier
It is also possible to collect the tepees directly at our premises
Postage fees for teepee and lining are included.
The postage costs of the poles only after agreements. For tepees of the size of 3.5 m and possible delivery of our employees with the assembly included
Delivery time: from 2 to 28 days from receipt of order. Generally they are delivered within a maximum of 2 weeks. 



Additional services

teppe tipi teepee

Prior agreements can also be ordered: tepees of different sizes from those indicated in the price list,
the furnishings for the tepee (beds, backrests, rowhide boxes, rowhide bags, quivers etc.)