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Buffalo quiver

Buffalo quiver

dimensions: bowl case 96 cm
arrow case 61 cm
price: 380 euro (the price does not include bow and arrows)

Price: €195.00

Medicine bag 3

Fischietto in osso

Materials: deer leather, glass beads

Price: €35.00

Oil painting on canvas - "Plunder from Sonora"

Dipinto olio su tela - "Plunder from Sonora"

dimensions: 65 x 95 cm

Price: €490.00

Oil painting on canvas - "Holy man of the Blackfeet"

Dipinto olio su tela - "Holy Man of the Blackfeet"

Dimensions: 65 x 85 cm

Price: €450.00


Orecchini a forma del dream catcher
Price: €35.00

Mother of pearl earrings

Orechini di perline
Price: €15.00

earrings with feather

Collana di perline di vetro
Price: €40.00



Bone necklace and glass beads

Price: €15.00

Medicine bag 4

collana di perline

materials: deer leather, glass beads

Price: €42.00

Plains bonned

Copricapo Pianure
Copricapo Pianure

Made from: elk hide. feathers, glass beads, ribbon 

Price: €350.00