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Welcome to the store of the cultural association Mitakuye Oyasin. Buy an item as a way to support  non-profit cultural initiatives of our  association.  The funds derived from the sale of the products are giving  to the artists who make the arts and crafts.  
Ordering information: add the articles in the basket, shipping cost are calculate automatically.

Methods of payment: bank transfer, Pay Pal, credit card. For Any Information or Other payment methods contact us: tel.:3295361538,

gadget indiani d'america

Small Items

On this page you will  find a small handicraft item made absolutely handicraft.


dipinti volti indiani d'america



Oil paintings on canvas with wooden frame.

tipi tepee teepee

Tepee (tipi)

Typical Great Plains housing

On this page you can find one of them


arte degli indiani del nord america

Indian Arts and Crafts


On this page you will find Native American art and crafts as for example, rawhide box, furnishings for the tepee, clothing, moccasins and more