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About us

What is the cultural association Mitakuye Oyasin


Mitakuye Oyasin is a free association, whose aim is to promote Native American culture and  to spread an authentic image of Native Americans.

Native Americans, more than any other people who have undergone the worst aspects of the civilization of the whites, are at risk of cultural extinction, and their experience teaches this fact:

"The human race is like the Sun and the people talking are the rays. When a people dies the land becomes colder as the Sun begins to die. " 

The Association goals are to publish, exhibit, have meetings and debates about Native American culture. We will also have activities which includes spreading cultural and historical values of North America, and the collaboration of Native Americans, experts and talented researchers of Native culture and history.

What is Indian Village

Our purpose is to offer a representation of life in ancient  American and Canadian villages from 1870 to now, setting up a camp with tepees and various accessories that realistically compose a camp and including various activities typical of the life as it was.

"Because great it is the faith of whom succeeds in moving the mountains, but greater still it is the faith of whoever believes that are well where they are." 

Some information about our association

The constitutive act and statute of our association have been recorded in Padua Italy on June 4th 1999, since then we have organized meetings and conferences with historical, university teachers, anthropologists and researchers but above all with Native Americans coming from Canada and from the United States of America


Our curriculum

 In 1999 we started the collaboration with Mr.Gilbert P. Douville (Lakota /Sioux) of the Rosebud Sioux Tribe Reservation in South Dakota U.S.A., and still today our collaboration still exsist.

We have had countless expositions of arts, crafts and craftsmanship that took place in Italy, London-England, Belgium, Czech Republic, Serbia  and other parts of Europe. 

As in an example:
In London – England we organized an event with the collaboration of a local association witch included an exposure and a show of traditional dancers coming from Canada.

 In Europe, we started festivals dedicated to American Native craftsmanship, laboratories and lectures.

We worked, prepared and organized events, cultural and playful activities for university, schools of all the levels, public and private corporate bodies and associations, private etc...etc....

Cultural activity also develops through the realization of books (5 published until now) and documentaries (2 made), we have produced and sponsored a musical CD with a group of traditional musicians coming from Arizona (USA) and Alberta (Canada).......

Every year since 2005, in the summer time we organized a festival about culture of the First People of North America with participation of singers, dancers, narrators, poets, artisans and artists belonging to the Nations of North American Indians.

Our curriculum is extensive and we invite you in our center (today in the Dolomites of Belluno - Italy). Our association until now has around 2300 members and a lot of sympathizers and friends that follow us with interest and affection.