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Size: s
Circumference: 55 cm




dimensions: 14 x 16 cm (fringe excluded)
materials: leather, glass beads, metal beads


Collana con penna

Collana con penna

prezzo cad.


Casacca Lakota Sioux

Casacca Lakota Sioux, Casacca Lakota Sioux

War shirt Sioux style. 

This war shirt was produced in the classic Sioux style.

Made of elk buckskin, glass seed beads, pigments, horse hair, red cloth.
The beaded strips are 29.5 x 2,8 inches (75 x 7 cm) and 17,7 x 2,4 inches (45 x 6) cm on the sleeves

The size is about large.
From top to bottom (center)- (67 cm) 26.4 inches




Cerchio della vita

Cerchio della vita

materials: willow, deer skin, hawk feathers
diameter: about 10 cm


Dream Catcher - cattura sogni

cattura sogni

materials: willow, hawk feathers, sinew
Diameter: about 10 cm


Scudo Lakota

Lakota shield, Lakota shield

Materials: buffalo rawhide, elk buckskin, pigments
diameter: 47 cm


Bastone rituale di bisonte

Bastone rituale di bisonte

materials: buffalo fur, baffalo rawhide, elk buckskin, owl feathers, red fabric
dimensions: 160 cm approx


Scudo Cheyenne

Cheyenne shield, Cheyenne shield

Dimensions: 48 cm

materials: buffalo rawhide, elk buckskin, natural pigments, owl feathers


Ventaglio pianure

Ventaglio pianure


ventaglio, Ventaglio

materials: natural feathers, deer skin (natural tanning), glass beads, cotton thread



Ventaglio pianure

Ventaglio pianure

Arco in frassino

Ash bow

Price for a piece




materials: glass beads, deer leather


Borsetta di medicina 2

Borsetta di medicina

materials: deer leather, glass beads


Tamburo tradizionale

Tamburo tradizionale, Tamburo tradizionale

diameter: 40 cm
materials: wooden frame, elk rawhihe 



Pipe Bag - Sioux/Lakota

Pipe Bag - Sioux/Lakota

dimensioni: 13 x 38 cm (frange esluse)



pettorina, pettorina

materials: bone, glass beads, brass beads, leather, deerskin


Mocassini Crow

Mocassini Crow, Mocassini Crow


, Mocassini originali degli anni 40/50

Original moccasins of 1940/1950