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Indian Arts and Crafts

collana in argento e turchese €40.00

dimensions: 55 cm

mazza, mazza €190.00

price for each

frecce indiani d'america, frecce indiani d'america €35.00

materials: fox fur, red cloth, feathers, deerskin
Dimensions:120 cm

Mazza di legno - pianure, Mazza di legno - pianure €430.00

dimensions: bowl case 96 cm
arrow case 61 cm
price: 380 euro (the price does not include bow and arrows)

Buffalo quiver €195.00

Made from: elk hide. feathers, glass beads, ribbon 

Copricapo Pianure, Copricapo Pianure €350.00
Ventaglio €160.00
mocassini Pawnee €350.00

Traditional rattle
On one side the buffalo shape are painted on the other hand the elk shape.


Size: s
Circumference: 55 cm

Cilindro €250.00