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Indian Arts and Crafts

dimension: 18 cm long

Statua in bronzo - del danzatore dell'aquila €70.00

materials: elk buckskin, glass beads, buffalo rawhide
dimensions: 22 cm

Bastone rituale, Bastone rituale, Bastone rituale, Bastone rituale €180.00

The turtle is the symbol of longevity. It is a wish of long life and health.
The morning star is painted on it.

Ventaglio €100.00


cerchio della vita - 23 €35.00

Materials: rawhide disk, deer buckskin, turkey feather

scudo, scudo, scudo €250.00

materials: glass beads,elk buckskin
dimensions: 13 x 20 cm (fringes excluded)

Pipa, fornello, canello €410.00

number: 38/39

Mocassini Pianure, Mocassini Pianure, Mocassini Pianure €850.00
Sonaglio, Sonaglio €59.00

materials: deer leather, glass beads

Collana di denti di bisonte €169.00
Borsa di pelle di bisonte, Borsa di pelle di bisonte €120.00