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Other (amulets, fans ...)


Price: €160.00

Ritual stick

Bastone rituale

materials: fox fur, red cloth, feathers, deerskin
Dimensions:120 cm

Price: €120.00

Ritual stick

Bastone rituale di bisonte

materials: buffalo fur, baffalo rawhide, elk buckskin, owl feathers, red fabric
dimensions: 160 cm approx

Price: €250.00


Ventaglio pianure
Price: €120.00



materials: natural feathers, deer skin (natural tanning), glass beads, cotton thread


Price: €85.00


Ventaglio pianure
Price: €180.00

McClellan saddle

Sella McClellan
Sella McClellanSella McClellanstaffestaffe

Materials: McClellan saddle of 1910, elk buckskin, baffalo fur, 'glass beads from 50', copper rivets, wooden brackets covered with beads, leather straps, iron rims


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Price: €0.00



materials: bone, glass beads, brass beads, leather, deerskin

Price: €350.00

Baby cradle Lakota/Sioux style, fully beaded

Culla da bambino - Lakota/Sioux

Baby fully beaded cradle in Lakota/Sioux style.

The beadwork on this cradle was executed in lazy (Lane) stitch.

Made of elk buckskin, wood, tacks, brass beads, seed beads (nigth blu, dark blu, white, yellow, light blu white inside,red white inside), bells. Some of brass beads and bells are missing. 
This cradle is part of my collection about 20 years. So is at the least 20 years old. 

hight: 85 cm - 33 inches 

hight of leadher beaded: part 54 cm - 21 inches

Price: €790.00

Squeezers for cassava

(South America), size: 100 cm
price each

Price: €120.00

Lacrosse clubs

Mazze da lacross

price each
available pieces: 2
materials: deer leather, wood

Price: €20.00